The Elder Scrolls Legends: Leaflurker

"The Elder Scrolls: Legends", © 2017 ZeniMax Media Inc.

This is the alternate Leaflurker card art done for the New Live Festival pack from a while back.

***I've had permission to post this for a while, but chose to wait, because after first being able to post it publicly, I received a very informative paintover from Eytan Zana who taught me how to improve my lighting in moon-lit scenes. I wanted to wait until I was able to apply his paintover and post the best version of this I possibly could, but I haven't updated my portfolio in a while due to being crazy busy with other work. Once I have some time to breathe, I'll apply his teachings and update this posting, so stay tuned for an update to this gallery entry :) ***

David kaye leaflurker night3

Nighttime version

David kaye leaflurker day3

Daytime version - I painted it like this, and then color-graded it into the nighttime version so I could give the client more bang for their buck in case they liked this one and wanted to use it down the line

David kaye drdbymaxcaelxda 1

How it looks on the card